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WOOOO Updated screens!! Relese/Demo coming soon?

is this alive?

Yes, I havent updated this page in forever. I plan on having a public demo soon and will be hosting that here.

hell yeah, i was wondering when we'd get a taste! i'm excited to check this out!

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I can't wait for this.

Just want to voice once again that the game looks dope as hell and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Looks absolutely fantastic, really brings back that good old Build Engine feeling. Cannot wait for this to come out.

Eyyy, I thought the site said coming in May 2017, but now it says summer 2017. Am I losing my shit or was the release date moved?

Also, looks really cool, excited to see the final game. Good luck!

Ha, no you're not crazy, May 2017 was my original target date when I started, I should have changed that date much sooner than I did on my webpage :D

Awsome, patiently awaiting.

Screenshots are amazing!👌