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Darkness Descends Upon Albion

In a time before Camelot, magic coursed through the veins of Albion and for generations the people learned to harness this power, and as with all things in nature, they understood there was a balance. For a time the people were united in peace, until the day that the once-righteous king of Albion, Uther Pendragon, cast blame upon magic itself for the death of his queen, and thus decreed magic to be of "The Old Religion", banishing it's practice and followers from Albion forever... A darkness now spreads across Albion, the crops are dying and the water is turning foul. The people are plagued with hunger and disease, fewer by the day have the strength to fend off the growing hordes of Saxons invading from the east. It is feared the Saxons are aided by dark magic, by those who were exiled by Uther's blood-lust... Masters of The Old Religion.

A Perilous Journey

Alone, against an army of darkness full of Saxons, demonic beasts, possessed knights, exiled mages, the undead and worse. Thy journey will take thee 'cross foul and treacherous terrain, from dark forests, forts and swamps, to the frigid wilderness and frozen caverns, to castles, crypts and caves. Along the way lay many hidden secrets full of items, magical runes and powerful ancient relics to aid thee in thy journey to save Albion from The Masters Of The Old Religion.

Wrought With Mayhem

Slice the hell out of Saxons / demonic beasts / whatever. Smash them with thy shield, cut off their heads, make them explode in a magnificent shower of blood and guts, or simply give 'em a good old-fashioned fist and/or spiked club to the face.Conjure balls of fire and engulf thy foes in flames, freeze them and shatter their frozen corpses, cast thunderous storms of lightning to strike down any who stand beneath their tormenting clouds, and many more ways to bring thine enemies to ruin.


►Developer: Scolaro Games
►Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/658890/Arthurian_Legends/►Release Date: Coming Soon

Official Website: https://www.ArthurianLegends.net


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Great job and good on ya for working on it for so long! I've been having fun but the music is driving me crazy LOL it'd be nice if you commissioned some new music to add to the game.

Played this on Steam and it's a really great game. Hope it'll be available DRM-free on Itch or GOG at some point, though.

when i was playing the game, i wanted to save the game but when i did, this happened, can someone please help me with this? btw this game is very good but i can`t keep playing it without saving because of this problem.

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Is there no DRM-free version planned? I purchased the Steam version in hope that it doesn't use Steamworks DRM (many devs sell their games on Steam DRM-free). Unfortunately it does.

WOOOO Updated screens!! Relese/Demo coming soon?

Yes, you have the latest beta demo here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0bpibtddy7ion0/Arthurian%20Legends%20-%20Beta%20Demo%...

The link comme from the game Discord chanel.

is this alive?

Yes, I havent updated this page in forever. I plan on having a public demo soon and will be hosting that here.

hell yeah, i was wondering when we'd get a taste! i'm excited to check this out!


Yes ! New trailer here: 

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I can't wait for this.

Just want to voice once again that the game looks dope as hell and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Looks absolutely fantastic, really brings back that good old Build Engine feeling. Cannot wait for this to come out.

Eyyy, I thought the site said coming in May 2017, but now it says summer 2017. Am I losing my shit or was the release date moved?

Also, looks really cool, excited to see the final game. Good luck!

Ha, no you're not crazy, May 2017 was my original target date when I started, I should have changed that date much sooner than I did on my webpage :D

Awsome, patiently awaiting.

Screenshots are amazing!👌